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rG Discord

Rapture Gaming | NA East | PvX | 17+ | Syndicate | Casual | 1800+ members across different games, looking to make New World the next addition to our community.

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Deimos Esports Community

Deimos Esports - Welcome to Deimos! We will be PVX looking to acquire a vital territory in the beginning of the game. Please join us to take part!

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A quickly growing Company of helpful people. Territory PvP Team, Crafting Corps, and of course Musket lines! Every member is important. Made exclusively for NW and not part of a megacommunity.

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Bananazoth ft. NuckyScavosky

Bananazoth is a Semi-Casual Company of chill adults looking to recruit new and like-minded gamers. We are interested in eventual high end PvE/PvP while cultivating an enjoyable social atmosphere built on teamwork.

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New World Company

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Vulcan is a crafting and trading focused company with a secondary focus in PvE and PvP. We are looking for members who enjoy crafting, gathering, and explorations.

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We currently have: global discords: 19, guild/company discords: 20, YT/Twitch: 6, pending: 10

Tools For New World | | 2021 | SomeGuy#1337